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Facing Your Past

March 3, 2021

Plagued by the past? The devil wants you to look back to keep you from moving forward. Often people allow their sins to define them. This video explains why a guilty past can cripple us, and the two things you can do to overcome your past so that God can get on with your future.

Lying, usurping, stealing, Jacob the Old Testament Patriarch wreaked havoc in his life and those around him. Running from his sinful past, and Esau his twin brother who vowed to kill him, he believed that he could begin anew. But there was a problem: Jacob never repented of his past or faced up to who he was. Because of this, his former life came back to haunt him and those whom he loved. 

But that all changed when God called him to face his pervious life and return to his father’s land–which meant Jacob’s certain death.

Facing our sinful past and encountering those who we have hurt and who have hurt us can seem worse than death. This video explains why being bound by a haunting former life can be worse than death, and by dealing with your past, you can experience the freedom to become the person that God is calling you to be–a saint.

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