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August 10, 2021

We all want more. More money, more time, more success, more prestige, more pleasure, more fun, more friends, fans, and followers… we all want more. But often the more we want the less we have. Why do we often lose what we worked so hard for? How do we get more? We are commanded to be generous, to give, and help others. But often we become fearful that if we give, we will have less. We are tempted to believe that having more is achieved by giving less–by holding on tightly to what we have.

The devil conditions us to believe that giving more we will have less, that we will suffer less if we have more, and the more we have the less we will need. But what if that is a lie? In The Catholic Father Episode 8, Wanting More, I focus on a certain individual who believed these things and his belief determined his fatal destiny. By looking at his example we will discover the secret to obtaining more of what we really need and what we truly desire. Discover how to conquer your fear of losing what you have and to have and be more than you ever imagined.

Below is a great resource that can help you conquer the fear of losing what you have and discovering the freedom to become more: InterFEARence: The One Thing That Is Limiting You… And How to Conquer It – Book

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