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Getting Over Yourself

April 21, 2021

Rejection. Not being wanted. The truth is that we all need to be needed. God made us this way. But when we don’t feel wanted, we can make the mistake of forcing ourselves on others. But what if we are focusing on the wrong thing: being needed, when the answer is to focus on other’s needs.

When we focus on being needed, or how can we be important in other’s lives, we make ourselves god, the center. It’s all about us. But when we focus on other’s needs, we allow God to be at the center–and when we do something amazing occurs.

In this video I focus on one person, a man who Jesus delivered from being tormented from many demons. Jesus gives him back his humanity and his dignity. He begs Jesus that he may follow Him, but Jesus rejects his plea. Can you imagine how he felt? The Lord Jesus appeared to reject him.

We have all felt this kind of rejection and it is painful. But that is not the end of the story for this man, nor is it for us. In this video I reveal the rest of the story for this man, and the two things that you and I must do to overcome all forms of rejection.

Two great resources that touch upon this topic:

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THE IMPOSTER: How Your Perception of God Can Determine Your Eternity

THE IMPOSTER: How Your Perception of God Can Determine Your Eternity – Book

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