THE IMPOSTER: How Your Perception of God Can Determine Your Eternity – Book

by Devin Schadt

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How do you view God? Controlling? Miserly? Exacting? A sugar daddy? Without realizing it, our perception of God may not be reality. Yet, the God we think we believe in may be the god we get for all eternity. In The Imposter you will discover how the devil masquerades as God and creates evil misconceptions of God, This book will help you overcome those misconceptions and re-discover the true God and the happiness He wants to give you.

  • That the god you think you know may not be God at all
  • The ways the devil plays the imposter, and how to spot the fake when you see him
  • The three common misconceptions of God
  • Why God allows suffering
  • How to respond to atheism and agnosticism very simply and rationally
  • The three keys to overcoming the imposter
  • The formula for happiness

112 pp / Intensity level: low

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