THE THORN: Seven Surprising Effects of Suffering and Temptation – Book

by Devin Schadt

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Do you suffer from a haunting habit, a terrible temptation, or committing the same sin repeatedly? We beg God to remove the “thorn”, yet it remains. Why does God allow the “thorn” to exist? What if the thing that appears to be leading you away from God, God allows to lead you toward Him? What if God allows the thorn to remain for the purpose of healing you in a deeper, more powerful way? In The Thorn you will learn why God allows the thorn to remain, the seven benefits that will change your life and your view of yourself and God.

  • Why God allows the thorn of temptation or suffering to remain
  • The seven amazing benefits of having the thorn
  • How the thorn allows you to actually love yourself properly
  • How the thorn enables you to overcome condemning others and understand them better
  • The thorn is not proof that you are doomed to be damned, but that God has a great plan for you

112 pp / Intensity level: low

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