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Get On With Your Wife

April 7, 2021

Why do some marriages work? Why do others breakdown? Why do some couples really love each other, while others want to kill each other? Great marriages are usually founded on one thing–forgiveness. Forgiveness may be the most common theme in the Gospels because it is a matter of life and death.

There is a mountain of scientific research that demonstrates that unforgiveness causes anxiety, depression, physical and mental health problems. It raises blood pressure, increases body pains and decreases our ability to process mentally and enjoy life.

On the flipside, forgiveness reduces anxiety, depression, reduces physical health problems and lowers mortality rates. When you forgive you sleep better, your cholesterol is lower and so is your blood pressure.

Marriage seems to be designed for difficulty. But God made marriage to heal us spiritually and physically. But this is important: A Good marriage is not defined by how little you fight, but by how well you forgive.

In this video I focus on the character of the Unforgiving Steward. A man who has been forgiven much but suffers from spiritual amnesia. Probing his story we will discover five key tips to learning how to forgive and not to forgive so that your marriage can be at the heart and center of the renewal of all things in Christ–and you can get on with your wife.

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