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Too Little To Give

July 27, 2021

Ever feel like you have nothing to offer? You want to be more but feel like less? Your lack of talents is holding you back from doing something big? Think like this and you’ll give up on God and settle for being stimulated and satiated by the world. What can a not-so-gifted-person do?

Believing that others have all of the gifts and that we have very little to offer makes us believe that we are worthless; that it is God’s fault for making us this way; and it lets us off the hook. We believe that we have no obligation to serve God beyond fulfilling the bare minimum. We think: God doesn’t expect much from me because He didn’t give me much.

The Gospel of John recounts an event wherein a small someone had very little by the world’s standards but was called by Jesus to do something with it. Jesus is faced with the challenge of feeding the multitudes, and a boy has five loaves and two fishes. 

Andrew the apostle says, “But what are these among so many?”

This is the question that we all have. I have very little talents, very little money, very little time; what good is it? I cannot even make a dent in world poverty. I can’t save all the souls who are going to hell. Why spend the little I have on such an impossible situation?

When we succumb to that lie, we think that God can’t do something big with our little. But God can do something great with your little. 

In this video, I explain how the boy and the great saints didn’t do great things -but small things with great love, and how we can be like them.

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