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Not Being Enough

March 31, 2021

Feeling like you’re not enough. Wrestling with failure. Suffer from feeling inferior? We’ve all been there. No Matter how much we have, we secretly know how little we are. How do we overcome our sense of littleness? How can we grow in real confidence? It is a dangerous thing to derive significance from men rather than from God. The respect of men is shifting sand upon which no man should build his house. So how do we overcome being enslaved to other’s perception of us and become free to be who God has created us to be?

The secret is significance. There is worldly significance: Your worth is based on what others think of you. And there is another type of significance–the true kind.

In this video I focus on the first King of the Israelites, Saul, and how he mistakenly appeals to what others think of him to determine his worth. By probing Saul’s inferiority complex, you will discover the key to overcoming self-hatred, feeling inferior, or not being enough. You will learn what true significance is, how to obtain it and live it in such a way that you have a confidence that is out of this world.

When you listen to people’s opinion of you, you will never be enough. When you listen to God and His love for you, you will always know that you are enough.

A great resource that is a super easy read, but very insightful to living true significance is:

Why You Do What You Do: And How to Change It

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