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Not Getting Closer to God

March 17, 2021

Feel distant from God? Like He doesn’t care and maybe you don’t either? Is religion, prayer becoming a chore? How do I re-ignite my love for God? This video explains why good Christians often give up and the three things you can do to rekindle your prayer and relationship with the Lord.

Religion is great if it leads to a relationship with God, but if it doesn’t it can become a bunch of rules and regulations. Boredom with your spouse can lead to infidelity and boredom with God will eventually leads us to seeking other gods.

In this video I focus on Jesus, his secret to kindling the fire of the spiritual life, and his three steps to making prayer effective, that if we follow, will allow us to be enflamed with the love of God.

Prayer is the throne from which you derive the power to rule yourself. You are strongest when on your knees. But why are we resistance to prayer? How do I find time to pray considering how busy my life is? Stay tuned. If you do what Jesus does, you will become like him, powerful, strong, and alive.

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