Purpose. Plan. Power.

The Fathers of St. Joseph show men their ultimate PURPOSE, the PLAN to achieve it, and the POWER God gives by living it.

The Plan

The Fathers of St. Joseph provide a definable path that reaches men at every spiritual level, helping them unlock God’s power in their life. As a FOSJ member, you have access to free products, eBooks, and discounts on programs that men say are transforming their lives.

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The Path

A small but mighty spiritual handbook, The Path provides men with a roadmap for life. This first-step booklet awakens men to their noble purpose and gives them the essentials needed to live St. Joseph’s rule of life: One Path, Four Pillars, Seven Principles and 33 Practices. The Path is a man’s go-to-guide to live God’s purpose with power daily.

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40 Days to Fatherly Greatness

Made for men who want real change and need a doable game-plan; men who want real answers and not another obligation. Access the content that men say is tranforming their lives. Five minutes a day, 40 Days to Fatherly Greatness gives you a vision for male spiritual leadership.

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Lead Daily Devotional

Comprised of nearly 200 bite-size, powerful yet practical reflections, the LEAD Daily Devotional offers every man a comprehensive vision of St. Joseph's four pillars. Just ten minutes a day, the LEAD Daily Devotional provides men the means for real lifelong transformation.

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The Meaning and Mystery of Man

A deeper dive, this book lays out the scriptural basis for patriarchal authority, a husband’s headship, and the Christian man’s essential role and responsibility. For men who want real theological answers to who they are and how they are called to live, this book is for you.

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A powerful combination of daily reflections, prayers and spiritual practices, this consecration program not only informs you, but will help transform your life and your relationships. By the end of this 33- day spiritual bootcamp with St. Joseph, you will have built a way of life that will have real lasting impact.

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