The Fathers of St. Joseph is not merely a gathering of fathers who attempt to be spiritual, but rather of fathers who profess and strive to live St. Joseph’s own spirituality. This spirituality is founded upon the understanding and fulfillment of man’s theological location and vocation. The human father has a distinct, divinely ordained position within the cosmos, and it from this position that man’s mission, his vocation–which consists of the four pillars: embracing silence, embracing woman, embracing the child and embracing charitable authority–is fulfilled. *

Joseph’s entire vocation was dependent upon his relationship with God. The very fulfillment of his fatherhood depended upon his relationship with the Father. So too does the victory of our fatherly vocation depend upon embracing silence. Without this pillar, our works, regardless of how effective they may appear, will achieve very little from the divine perspective, and perhaps even hinder the redemption of those around us. Indeed, though many men believe that they know the will of God, the truth is that without the divine compass—that heavenly guidance which casts its clear light into the darkness of silence—we quickly become lost: blind leaders who lead blind followers into error. When man enters into silence, by embracing its three forms: silence within self; silence before men; and silence before God, God reveals Himself to man and man to himself.

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* For a consise, yet detailed explanation of The Fathers of St. Joseph spirituality see The Fathers of St. Joseph Manual: Spirituality and Vision