New Program Reveals Silver Bullet That Will Take Down Satan

Phillip Rolfes / April 11th, 2019
Devin Schadt – founder of the Fathers of St. Joseph – points out, we have a problem. “The evil one is waging war on this world. And his two primary targets are marriage and the family because God created these to reflect, reveal, and relive His divine love for man.”

This is what led Devin to create the new LEAD system. “It’s a bold attempt to provide a comprehensive vision of what it means to be a real man, culminating in spiritual fatherhood,” he says. LEAD is designed to be a man’s spiritual roadmap that will inspire him to become the man, husband, father, and leader that God has called him to be.”

The devil knows that if he’s going to destroy the image of God’s love in this world, he must attack the father first. “Society goes by way of the family,” says Schadt, “and the family goes by way of the father. The devil knows that he must spiritually paralyze, distract, sideline, and remove the human father from his noble call, so that the world can have its way with the wife and children.” And so we find ourselves in today’s crisis of fatherhood, where so many fathers are bound by addiction to pornography, greed, career, the desire for prestige, and a legion of other addictions and distractions.

A 40-day, multi-tiered retreat system that provides ongoing formation in fatherhood, LEAD goes right to the heart of every crisis facing our world today, and gives us the solution. LEAD is designed to help men mine the riches of manhood, which culminates in spiritual fatherhood. LEAD guides a man from identity to destiny, using St. Joseph’s four pillars: L—Listen to Discern Your Mission; E—Embrace Your Essence; A—Assume Your Authority; D—Discover the Disciple. These pillars have helped fathers of diverse ages, cultures, and walks of life discover who they really are and God’s great vision, mission, and plan for their lives.

Men can access LEAD’s individual track, go through the system with a group of friends, or get started by trying a few sessions for free through the Free 5ive Launch.

Stewardship: A Mission of Faith is excited to join with Devin Schadt and the Fathers of St. Joseph in announcing the launch of LEAD. “God has a plan for you – a mission and vision for your life. He has destined you for glory. I invite you now, join the LEAD revolution that is reclaiming our families, our Church, and our world for Christ! Discover the roadmap that will guide you to experiencing the hope and fulfillment that comes with becoming the husband, father, and leader God created you to be.”

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  1. Gay marriage and same sex parents: gender neutral and all the unnatural man made perversions infiltrating won’t be talked about because it’s not PC. I bet they will only talk about the role of the fathers and attack heterosexual males rather then be brave and discuss the perverse nonsense that has now dehumanising society.

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