New Program Reveals Silver Bullet That Will Take Down Satan

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Imagine this. You’re jolted awake one morning by the boom of explosions and the crack of gunfire. You take a quick peek out your front window, and suddenly you’re blinded by a flash of light and a thunderous BOOM that shakes your entire house. The ground heaves out from beneath your feet, only to slam up at you again, rattling your teeth. It only took a split second, but when you look out the front window again you see that your neighbor’s house – or what remains of it at least – is nothing now but a mass of flames.

You’ve got to get your family to safety. You can sneak everyone out through the basement and into the woods. But what then? Where should you go? How do you get there? What potential threats might you face on the journey?

On a spiritual level, this is the kind of warfare that men in general – and fathers in particular – must enter into every day. But, as Devin Schadt – founder of the Fathers of St. Joseph and creator of the all-new LEAD system – points out, we have a problem. “The evil one is waging war on this world. And his two primary targets are marriage and the family because God created these to reflect, reveal, and relive His divine love for man.”

The devil knows that if he’s going to destroy the image of God’s love in this world, he must attack the father first. “Society goes by way of the family,” says Schadt, “and the family goes by way of the father. The devil knows that he must spiritually paralyze, distract, sideline, and remove the human father from his noble call, so that the world can have its way with the wife and children.” And so we find ourselves in today’s crisis of fatherhood, where so many fathers are bound by addiction to pornography, greed, career, the desire for prestige, and a legion of other addictions and distractions.

“Men today feel hunted. We feel like we have a target on our back. And we just don’t understand why. It’s because we’ve lost touch with who we are and what our mission is. Fathers have forgotten that they are the key to faithful marriages and holy, loving families. And so fatherhood is the silver bullet that can take down the devil and his minions.”

This is what led Devin to create the new LEAD system. “It’s a bold attempt to provide a comprehensive vision of what it means to be a real man, culminating in spiritual fatherhood,” he says. “Many men today are haunted by a silent ache. They know there is more to life, but don’t know what that more is. LEAD is designed to be a man’s spiritual roadmap that will inspire him to become the man, husband, father, and leader that God has called him to be.”

A 40-day, multi-tiered retreat system that provides ongoing formation in fatherhood, LEAD goes right to the heart of every crisis facing our world today, and gives us the solution. If we are to strengthen our marriages, we need to rediscover authentic masculinity. If we are to build loving families, we need to start by building up men. If we are to claim society once more for Christ, we need to start by reclaiming our men. “LEAD equips men to understand the battle we are in, what our unique role is, and how to win the war – beginning with ourselves.”

Stewardship: A Mission of Faith is excited to join with Devin Schadt and the Fathers of St. Joseph in announcing the launch of LEAD. “God has a plan for you – a mission and vision for your life. He has destined you for glory. I invite you now, join the LEAD revolution that is reclaiming our families, our Church, and our world for Christ! Discover the roadmap that will guide you to experiencing the hope and fulfillment that comes with becoming the husband, father, and leader God created you to be.”

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