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“LEAD is the best presentation of Catholic fatherhood/spirtual leadership I’ve seen in terms of depth and clarity of content. Excellent work.”

Sam Guzman, The Catholic Gentleman

“I am enormously impressed by LEAD…It’s the best program in my 37 years of involvement in Catholic Men’s Ministry addressing the need to help Father’s reclaim their right place as spiritual leaders of their family and children. Devin gives us the tools needed that are central and vital to the restoration redemption and revitalization of the family, the church, and the world. ”

Chuck Wilson
President of Catholic Men’s Ministry
Diocese of Columbus Ohio

“LEAD is phenonemal. The conversations we have are great and the material and presentations are awesome. After doing this retreat I am more fired up than ever before. I am a bit speechless on how I truly feel as I am processing the info and conversations. This program gives me hope!”

Eric R, Director of Faith Formation

“I can’t say enough good things about LEAD. The content of LEAD is broad enough to touch on all areas of fatherhood, yet each lesson is extremely specific and somehow always relevant. Going through the LEAD program, I continually find myself asking “why is it that I have been in church my whole life and am not hearing this stuff until now? I can already say that LEAD has significantly changed the way that I view fatherhood, and as a new dad it will greatly impact how I raise my family.”

Judah K

“LEAD literally saved my marriage. I was planning on leaving my wife when I encountered this incredible program. It has changed me and made me a better husband, and a better man.”

John H