LEAD Frequently Asked Questions

Who is LEAD for?

Whether you are young and hope to be married, are currently married, or are a father whose children have left home, LEAD is for all men of all ages. LEAD is a map for manhood that culminates in spiritual fatherhood.

How does an individual use LEAD?

An individual engages LEAD by 1) Journeying through the 40 Days to Fatherly Greatness. 2) After an individual has completed his 40 day journey he can use the LEAD Devotional on a daily basis.

How do I launch a LEAD Live Men's Group?

One of the best ways to launch a LEAD Live Men's Group is to 1) Purchase the Resource Pack which included the LEAD Facilitator's Guide. The Facilitator's Guide will prepare you for facilitating a LEAD LIVE Men's Group 2) The LEAD Five Session Retreat: Four Marks to Fatherly Greatness is a great way to give your men's group a macro view of LEAD. 3) After your group has completed the LEAD 5 Session retreat, you can use the LEAD Devotional as the content, and conversation primer for your ongoing men's group meetings.

Is there a way to connect with other men who are using LEAD?

Yes. Forge, LEAD's online community is a great place for men to discuss struggles, victories, and their personal battles and receive encouragement and edification from one another. As iron sharpens iron, so does one brother to another.

Can I do LEAD on my own, or do I have to be a part of a LEAD Live Men's Group?

Yes. LEAD has both an individual track and a men's group track. The individual track allows you to engage the content at your own pace.

What is the proper order for the LEAD components? Which resource should my group use first?

Generally, the Five Session Retreat is the primary way to introduce your men to LEAD. After completing the retreat, your men can use the LEAD Devotional as the content and conversation starter for your weekly /bi-weekly meetings. The LEAD Facilitator's Guide explains how to use the LEAD Devotional in a men's group setting.

Can I put on a LEAD 5 Session Retreat for my parish?

Yes, The LEAD Facilitator's Guide has several tips to help you put on a LEAD Men's Retreat in your parish. The team at LEAD suggests that 1) Holy Mass and Confessions are both included in your retreat. 2) The event is publicized at least three weeks prior to the event. 3) That men from your parish are identified as men's group facilitators 4) Have sign up sheets for men who, after completing the retreat, desire to continue LEAD in a men's group setting. One of the main purposes and goals of the Five Session retreat is to establish LEAD men's groups in your parish.

Can the LEAD retreat be used over multiple meetings?

Yes, those groups who do not want to have a parish wide retreat event, can over the course of five sessions, complete the LEAD retreat.

I am an older father, does LEAD apply to me?

Yes. As one Father of St. Joseph put it, "We have men who are cramming for the final exam." LEAD speaks to men of all ages, and conveys truths that are not often discussed in a regular church setting. Many men, young or old will hear key concepts and life-altering truths for the first time.

I am not a father, does LEAD apply to me?

Yes. Without a doubt LEAD is for all men who are longing for the answers to their identity and God given destiny. LEAD is a roadmap for life for all men. LEAD answers fundamental questions such as: What is my location and importance in God's plan? 2) Is my role as a man any different than a woman's? 3) What is the first step to becoming a man of glory? 4) What four components constitute a true man of greatness?

What is the purpose of the LEAD participant's guide?

The LEAD Participant's Guide is a robust, content rich, sixty-page resource that is your guide during the LEAD Five Session Retreat. Often when we attend a retreat we leave and wish that we could remember the great insights that we received. The LEAD Participant's Guide offers you a way to refer to those inspirations and truths that you received at the retreat for years to come.

I've tried other men's programs; what is unique about LEAD?

LEAD is not a one and done program. LEAD offers a roadmap for manhood which culminates in spiritual fatherhood. LEAD offers a way of life that is ongoing. With LEAD's comprehensive system, an individual can walk in the footsteps of St. Joseph and become a father on earth like the Father in heaven.

What if I had, or have a poor relationship with my father - is LEAD for me?

Yes. LEAD is definitely for you. Not only will LEAD help to heal you from wounds inflicted from your relationship with your earthly father, but will also help you embrace your relationship with your heavenly Father. LEAD will help you break the chain that binds you from becoming a true father of glory.

How does LEAD apply to Catholic priests?

Fatherhood is not so much biological as it is spiritual. Any man can be a biological dad, but it takes a real man to be a spiritual father. The four pillars or four components in LEAD will aid church Fathers as well as domestic fathers in leading their families, whether it is a parish or a mother and children, to salvation in Christ.

Can a non-Catholic use LEAD?

Yes. St. Joseph and his four marks apply to all men, in all Christian denominations. Many non-Catholics have discovered that St. Joseph's four pillars are transformational.

How many men should be in a LEAD Live Men's Group?

Ideally, three to twelve men per each men's group.

What if my group does the LEAD Five Session Retreat in a remote location - can we download the videos?

Yes. The Five Session Retreat has the option for you to download all the videos to your laptop to ensure that you can play them without delayed response from a wifi server.

Is it necessary that every member of a LEAD Live Men's Group have a LEAD Devotional book?

It is not necessary, but very encouraged. The LEAD Devotional is truly a roadmap from manhood to fatherhood, A-Z, and will be an invaluable resource in your journey to becoming a father on earth like the Father in heaven.

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