LEAD Endorsements

“To whom it may concern: I would very much like to give my enthusiastic endorsement to the “Fathers of St. Joseph." In this era where manhood and fatherhood are both so often denigrated, Devin Schadt and his colleagues offer a solid spirituality to support what Catholic Christianity teaches. We all need guides and support in order to fulfill God's will in our particular vocation. The "Fathers of St. Joseph" offer a very necessary help to dads working to be spiritually and emotionally present to their families. May God bless this good work.”

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Bishop of Peoria

“The Fathers of St. Joseph is a great gift to the Church- helping men, helping fathers to discover their true vocation and respond to their call to fatherly greatness, helping their families become a witness to holiness in the world today.”

Bishop of Rapid City

“It is no secret that the disintegration of the human family has caused much turmoil and many problems in our society today. The family is the object of numerous forces that seek to destroy it. Families face more challenges today in our secular culture than ever before. The Church recognizes in a more urgent and compelling way her mission to proclaim God's will for marriage and family.

Part of the problem is that fathers do not understand their role and are unaware of their true identity. Christian families are meant to reflect the life of the Trinity and called to model the Holy Family. These two images are not to be taken lightly because they reveal the heart of God for the family. But their awareness of this call is hidden in the darkness of a secular culture which draws them away from their sacred nature.

Fathers play a significant role in creating the family which God intends. I wholeheartedly agree with the statement on the website of the Fathers of St. Joseph apostolate- "Society goes by way of the family, and the family goes by way of the father. If we want to change the world, we fathers must change."

I fully endorse the important ministry of the Fathers of St. Joseph apostolate. This ministry responds to the Church's mission to proclaim God's will for marriage and the family and is extremely vital today: renewing the roles of husband and father in the image of our Heavenly Father so that families can be strengthened to stand up against the challenges of modern society.

In choosing St. Joseph as a model and intercessor, men are called to become spiritual fathers who give of themselves sacrificially for the sake of their families. This step is essential, now more than ever- the power and vitality of the human father whose heart is filled with the love of the Lord will restore the solid foundations of the family in our society and provide a stronghold for his children.

The Fathers of St. Joseph provide an important tool for men to discover ways to live out their vocation as husbands and fathers and to embrace the call to be authentic men of God. The Fathers of St. Joseph is a great gift to the Church- helping men, helping fathers to discover their true vocation and respond to their call to fatherly greatness, helping their families become a witness to holiness in the world today.

Devin Schadt is a man of great faith and has a great love for the Church. I can assure you that his is faithful to the Magisterium of the Church.

Be assured of my prayers for you and for the Fathers of St. Joseph. May God abundantly bless this ministry and may the seeds sown in the hearts of God's People bear forth abundant fruit in our world.”

Sincerely in the peace and joy of Christ,
Bishop of Rapid City

“In a culture where the family has been denigrated over time, it is often the result of the absence of a father who has shirked his responsibility as the spiritual head of the household seriously. The vocation of the father in the family must be renewed if the family is to once again become the basic social unit of our society. In L|E|A|D, Devin Schadt clearly lays out the path to help men reclaim their fatherly vocation by converting the pillars of St. Joseph’s spirituality into this wonderful, uplifting daily devotional. Any man who seeks to understand who they are truly called to be will find L|E|A|D invaluable.”

Sincerely in the peace and joy of Christ,
Most Rev. Robert D. Gruss
Bishop of Rapid City

“[LEAD] is the best presentation of Catholic fatherhood/spiritual leadership I've seen in terms of depth and clarity of content. Excellent work.”

The Catholic Gentleman

“Drawing from his rich experience as a husband and father as well as from his deep devotion to St. Joseph, Devin Schadt provides in LEAD sound counsel and much needed guidance on living as a truly Christian man today.”

Director of Formation, Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy

“We all want to be winners in life—but will we succeed in what matters most? As dads, that means striving to be the best we can be as sons of our Heavenly Father, husbands to our wives and fathers to the children entrusted to us. LEAD powerfully equips a man to journey through St. Joseph’s spirituality and embrace the glory of his vocation in a way that’s immediately applicable to his daily life.”

Author of Who Am I to Judge? and Vice President of Formation for FOCUS

“In LEAD, Devin Schadt has created a daily devotional for men that’s brief, relevant, and challenging. His practical meditations show how every man can model his vocation after St Joseph’s. I highly recommend this work to every man, and look forward to using it myself for years to come.”

Author of Saint John Paul the Great and Raising Pure Teens.

“When I consider the possibility of going to battle, I would want Devin Schadt to lead me. I'd follow that bloke to the ends of the earth. Yet, upon further examination, I realize that I am already warring against forces aimed at destroying me and my family…thank God for Devin who's answered the call to lead me."

Author of The Porn Myth and host of The Matt Fradd Show

“LEAD, an actual navigation chart, will help lead you to your destination, both temporal and eternal. When you finish it, you will not be in doubt as to your path to true greatness - that is to say, "fatherly greatness." LEAD will forge your will to become the husband and father you have been called to be and are fully capable of being. When, not if, this happens for you, you will understand at the deepest level what winning in this life is truly all about. "

Best Selling author of Fatherless, Motherless and Childless

“LEAD is phenomenal. The conversations we have are great and the material and presentations are awesome. After doing this retreat, I am more fired up than ever before. I am a bit speechless on how I truly feel as I am processing the info and conversations. This program gives me hope!”

Director of Faith Formation; Marriage and Family Life
St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish, Delano MN

Never would I have imagined that a “Just Man” could change my life and make me realized my vocation of Fatherhood. Despite being a dad of five for six years, it wasn’t until Devin Schadt and the Fathers of St. Joseph introduced me to St. Joseph that I understood the vocation of Fatherhood. Thanks to the wisdom of Devin and his labor for the restoration, redemption, and revitalization of fatherhood, I have answered my call to fulfill my Vocation as St. Joseph answered his. I invite other men to Go to St. Joseph and discover theirs.

Troy Ohio

“I am enormously impressed by LEAD…It’s the best program in my 37 years of involvement in Catholic Men’s Ministry addressing the need to help Father’s reclaim their right place as spiritual leaders of their family and children. Devin gives us the tools needed that are central and vital to the restoration redemption and revitalization of the family, the church, and the world. ”

President of Catholic Men’s Ministry
Diocese of Columbus Ohio

“LEAD literally saved my marriage. I was planning on leaving my wife when I encountered this incredible program. It has changed me and made me a better husband, and a better man.”


I have been involved in the LEAD program for several months, and I can’t say enough good things about it. The content of LEAD is broad enough to touch on all areas of fatherhood, yet each lesson is extremely specific and somehow always relevant. Going through the LEAD program, I continually find myself asking “why is it that I have been in church my whole life and am not hearing this stuff until now, when I’m 26 years old? I can already say that LEAD has significantly changed the way that I view fatherhood, and as a new dad it will greatly impact how I raise my family.

Another great thing about the LEAD program is that it is designed to be studied in a group. Satan loves to attack the vocation of fatherhood by isolating fathers, and the communal aspect of LEAD is a very effective shield against this attack. Our group has truly turned into a band of brothers, and I believe that I have made lifelong friends. We meet at 5 PM for adoration and go into the LEAD discussions afterword. We frequently find ourselves talking about fatherhood and faith until 10 PM or even later. I didn’t realize that I was lacking quality friendships until I began the LEAD program, and I didn’t realize the power that comes in tackling the challenges of fatherhood as a group rather than as an individual.

The LEAD program could not come have come at a more opportune time, for me personally, and for the Church in general. It entirely awakened me to the fact that fatherhood is a Vocation, not just an adjective I used to describe myself. It also awakened me to the fact that there is a very intentional war being waged against fatherhood and families, and that I have a God given duty to protect my family from Satan’s schemes, and untimely my mission in life is to get my family to Heaven.

Knowing Devin Schadt personally I can say that he is an extremely authentic and humble man who has selflessly devoted his life to the mission of reclaiming fatherhood, and I am extremely thankful to God for calling Devin into this mission and very thankful to Devin for being willing to be used so powerfully by God. I hope and pray that LEAD will positively impact thousands or even millions of people in generations to come but one thing I can say for sure is that it has tremendously impacted me and my family.


L|E|A|D: The Four Marks of Fatherly Greatness offers a powerful opportunity for men to gather and dive deeply into the spirituality of Saint Joseph, the man chosen by God to lead the Holy Family. In an age where the nature of authentic Christian masculinity is obfuscated, Devin Schadt provides clarity of mission for men. I have seen the immediate and powerful impact of this material on the men of my Diocese across a wide variety of ages, as well as on my own fatherhood. All fathers and prospective fathers should take this journey through L|E|A|D. The spirituality of Saint Joseph will change your own life, the life of your family, and ultimately, the world.

Director of Adult Catechesis and Evangelization, Diocese of Allentown

The LEAD devotional is an amazing gem for today's husband and fathers. If you truly are trying to find your identity as a husband and father in this confused world, the LEAD devotional will give you step by step instructions on how to live out your vocation. Each day builds on the next and points you directly to your Heavenly Father. It helps you reflect and meditate on who you are now and who God created you to be. This is not a program; it is a way of life. It is way to lead your family straight to heaven. There is no doubt you will come away from this a changed man.


LEAD is dangerous because once you commit to is it will change your interior life, your soul will be craving for the food of truth, you will want to walk daily with St. Joseph and learn how he led Christ, and it will make your sinful eyes blinded by the light of Christ, as Saul did on the road to Damascus in his encounter with Christ. Your soul will be transformed with the light of Christ so you will be a new man living for Christ and his kingdom. You will be changed to live out your fatherly vocation to be a father on earth like the father in heaven. Just like Saul became St. Paul, you will become the saint God as destine you to be.