For the Catholic faith to flourish it must be lived and learned at home. Catechesis alone won't do it. Parents are an indispensable part of their children's faith. FOSJ Kids reaches children in a way that a classroom experience can't. Through compelling stories, children learn and love the mysteries of our Catholic faith.

Written for children 4-8 years old FOSJ Kids stories convey spiritual truths in an inspiring, easy to understand, and memorable way. FOSJ Kids stories help to create a connection between you and your children, and your children and God.

Have you ever felt left out? Like you don’t fit in? Have you ever felt that you’ve made a mess of things? These feelings often lead us to suffer from loneliness, isolation, and shame. Children often identify with these emotions. Take your child on a journey with the Little Donkey, as he experiences circumstances that cause him to feel unworthy, but eventually finds significance in the One who never lets us down or disappoints us.

Join brothers Hiho and Little Wooly as they explore streams, ponds, pastures and mountaintops while learning how decisions have consequences and how sacrifice is the ultimate test of love. Hiho and Little Wooly will make every child, and the child within every adult, not only feel like they are part of this adventure, but will inspire all of us to live this adventure of love each and every day of our lives.

Why am I here? What is my purpose? What difference can I, one little person, make in the world? These and many questions like them are echoing in the minds and hearts of every child of God. Lumina has a mission that she can only accomplish, but does she have the courage to believe that she can make a difference? Join Lumina in her incredible adventure as she discovers that by fulfilling her purpose one person - YOU- can change the world.