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The Fathers of St. Joseph is not simply a meeting of men, and is not comprised of men whose purpose is to meet. The Fathers of St. Joseph is not merely another men’s group, nor can it be reduced to one. The Fathers of St. Joseph is an apostolate which promotes, transmits and strives to live the spirituality of fatherhood as exemplified by our holy patron St. Joseph.

The Fathers of St. Joseph gatherings are not so much meetings as they are mini-retreats, whose aim is to communicate the spirituality of fatherhood in a manner that encourages and inspires fathers to embrace, engage and—by the power of the Holy Spirit—sanctify their vocation.

Often, in the current context of evangelization, many catechetical, evangelical and teaching initiatives are founded upon and formed around a personality, rather than the content. The message is identified by the messenger, and risks the possibility of the message being eclipsed by the messenger. The Fathers of St. Joseph follow the example of Christ Himself, Who although being the “Personality”—that is, both the Messenger and the Message—deliberately and purposefully ascended on high, withdrawing the “Personality” from his followers, in a certain sense, while also entrusting His followers with the task of transmitting His content and message (including His Personality abiding in them) to others—despite their qualifications or lack thereof.The Fathers of St. Joseph provides a “mechanism” which enables men to learn, live, embody and teach the spirituality of fatherhood.

To learn more about launching an FOSJ chapter in your area, contact us.

Steps to Launch a FOSJ Chapter


Pray and discern whether God is calling you launch a FOSJ chapter.


Recruit a priest or deacon to be the chaplain of your chapter.

Contact FOSJ

Contact The Fathers of St. Joseph to discuss the initial details involved in launching an FOSJ chapter.