Meeting Structure

The Fathers of St. Joseph gatherings are not so much meetings as they are mini-retreats, whose aim is to communicate the spirituality of fatherhood in a manner that encourages and inspires fathers to embrace, engage and—by the power of the Holy Spirit—sanctify their vocation.

These mini-retreats are comprised of two basic components: Latria, that is, worship, and Kerygma, that is, the Word, or teaching. Latria prepares the man for Kerygma and Kerygma enables the man to enter more fully into Latria. If one lacks the other, then the other lacks.

Latria (Worship)

  • Exposition and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the Church followed by a time of silent prayer.
  • Little Office of St. Joseph is recited or chanted.
  • Benediction

Kerygma (Word)

  • Gather in meeting hall for food and beverages.
  • A brief meditation discussing the vocation of fatherhood through the life of St. Joseph is given.
  • Small group discussion followed by large group discussion.
  • Closing prayer and consecration of our fatherhood to God’s Fatherhood through St. Joseph.
  • Optional morning Mass.