The Father’s of St. Joseph’s primary meditation resource is the Father’s of St. Joseph Manual, which contain excerpts from Joseph’s Way: The Call to Fatherly Greatness, which pertain to each of the four pillars of the human father’s spirituality. Joseph’s Way is a letter addressed to fathers, comprised of four parts, which sets forth the divinely ordained mission and vision of fatherhood through the lens of the fatherhood of St. Joseph.

The Sacred Scriptures appear to have so little to say about this exemplar father, and yet as “Light of Patriarchs” Joseph casts light upon the patriarchs of old, unveiling their fatherhood experiences, both positive and negative, and these experiences cast new light upon St. Joseph, further revealing his inspiring fatherhood, which will help fathers in a very real and practical way.

The Fathers of St. Joseph Manual: Spirituality and Vision

To father effectively in the image of God the Father we fathers need a clear, concise, authentic vision of human fatherhood. It is with this need in mind that the Fathers of St. Joseph, a Confraternity for Fathers, have undertaken the task, by God’s grace, of transmitting in a brief, concise and clear manner a biblical, chronological, theological vision of fatherhood envisioned through the heroic example of St. Joseph.

The FOSJ Manual is a systematic guide which aids men in learning, living and launching the spirituality of fatherhood in a chapter or individual setting.

The Fathers of St. Joseph Manual is comprised of five elements:

  1. The Spirituality of The Fathers of St. Joseph
  2. “Code of the Custos”: The rule of The Fathers of St. Joseph
  3. The FOSJ Meeting Structure
  4. The Father’s Examen: An examination of conscience based on the FOSJ spirituality
  5. Entrustment Prayers: Consecration prayers for entrusting oneself and one’s family to St. Joseph

By the grace of God, we pray that this manual will be a sure guide in the development of the confraternity and its associated chapters.